To help the wounded, like ourselves, feel normal, dream normal, and live normal lives.

Welcome to Amputee Outdoors, a site dedicated to helping fellow severely injured veterans recover emotionally and physically through outdoor sporting activities, particularly hunting and fishing. Not big game trophy hunting – just basic, simple enjoyment of the outdoors with friends.

Severely injured veterans often worry after their injuries whether they can live as they once lived. They also question what they are now capable of, and if their injuries will keep them from reaching their life goals and dreams.

We came up with “Amputee Outdoors” after reflecting on our experiences in therapy at Walter Reed Medical Center for our own injuries. Part of rehabilitation there focused on getting outside and doing the things we loved prior to our injuries. The therapeutic sporting activities and outdoor trips reassured us. They helped us to see that we could have normal lives.

Our goal at Amputee Outdoors is to give other severely injured veterans that same kind of confidence. We hope that through leading by example we will help others to understand that they can do whatever they dream. We will give them a new perspective on a better and more normal life, one in which their injuries pose no limits on their ambitions. We want to raise public awareness of the plight of severely injured veterans, as well. We hope to help others see that living a routine, everyday life is achievable.

If you are a severely injured veteran, or you know an injured veteran who would like to join us on one of our hunting or fishing trips please fill out our contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

bigstockphoto_Business_People_1234149Fishing’s great here with all the guys at Amputee Outdoors.
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bigstockphoto_Happy_Family_Smiling_4053911Amputee Outdoors is about having a good time with friends.
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